Mount Kissane - Agdz

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Landscapes of the distinctive windswept synclinal rock formations of Jbel (Mount) Kissane mountain, Agdz, Draa Valley, Southern Morocco. 

The mountain range dominates the eastern landscape of the sleepy oasis palmery town of Agdz with it’s characteristic rock formations and several peaks (the highest reaching 1485metres).

A variety of hues and tones can be seen in the rock at different times of the day and year, ranging from salmon pink to sun lit orange.

Agdz is a small town located inbetween Ouarzazate and Zagora which offers a great glimpse into Southern Moroccan oasis palmery life, making a pefect overnight stop or lunch break off while traveling towards the southern Erg Chigaga region of the Sahara desert. 

It played an important role in the trade between Marrakesh and Timbuktu via the old caravan route across the Sahara desert.
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