Bahia Palace - Marrakesh - Morocco

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Built with the intention of creating the greatest palace of it’s time, the Bahia Palace is ‘the palace’ to visit in Marrakesh if you’re only going to visit one during your time in the red city.

Located inside the old medina of Marrakesh along the northern edge of the Mellah, or Jewish Quarter, the Bahia Palace is a great example of a traditional Marrakesh palace-garden / Moroccan 'riad' garden space.

With an Andalusian feel and stunning displays of Zelij mosaic and Moroccan architecture, this is one of the must-sees in terms of visiting an old Marrakeshi palace.

It was built in two different stages by Si Moussa and his son, making the layout and design slightly irregular and disjointed, adding to a feel of adventure and discovery as you wander the different sections of the palace complex. The materials used to make the wonderful displays of Zelij, ceramic and wood work through out the palace were sourced from all over North Africa.

The exact dates of construction are unknown, but historians and archaeologists agree that the building was in use as early as 1859 and was completed by 1900.
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